The new user research tools available on the market today have radically changed how everything about how user research is conducted. It’s never been easier to conduct research – more affordably and faster in every way. Taking your company’s research digital could give it the competitive advantage it was looking for.

Having the ability to gain customer insights quickly and affordably has become an essential capability to today’s rapidly evolving digital economy. Product managers and user research professionals need to be able to accurately identify customer needs, pain points, and strategic opportunities. Traditionally, customer research was conducted predominately using face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and surveys given on the phone or via mail. While traditional methods of customer research worked, it was time-consuming and possessed limited reach. Fortunately, the tools designed today nearly all but automate the four key steps in delivering fast-high quality results.

The tools available today provide users with the ability to design a research campaign, specify the target demographics of their customer audience and then automate the execution of the campaign in one package throughout the user research lifecycle.

User Research Lifecycle




Airtable is a web-based tool that is part spreadsheet, part database, that can be custom tailored for a number of specific business purposes such as CRM, project management, user research,





Provides marketers with a platform to perform research experiments produce findings that can help increase lift and conversions.


User Interviews


Performs recruiting based on specific demographics and attributes.


User Testing



UserTesting is one of the highest-rated products in the UX community. This all in one tool provides the ability to perform recruitment and capture feedback all in one platform.






Dscout provides researchers a digital tool that enable them to design research missions, perform recruitment, research, and results measurement.


Herold HQ



User Leap